Released: 4th April 2005       Length: 46:36                          Label: Rough Trade          Recorded: Kore & Rockfield Studios


Yan: Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Organ                                  Hamilton: Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Piano, Organ, Backing Vocals                     Noble: Guitar, Piano, Backing Vocals, Organ                       Wood: Drums

Abi Fry: Viola                             Phil Sumner: Cornet             Graham Sutton: Strings           Axl: Miniature Italian Greyhound


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Open Season

1. It Ended On An Oily Stage                                  Yan                        4:23

2. Be Gone                                                                      Yan                        2:52

3. How Will I Ever Find My Way Home?          Hamilton             3:11

4. Like A Honeycomb                                                Yan                        4:31

5. Please Stand Up                                                      Yan                       3:07

6. North Hanging Rock                                             Yan                       4:26

7. To Get To Sleep                                                        Yan                       3:16

8. Victorian Ice                                                            Yan                       3:26

9. Oh Larsen B                                                               Yan                       5:30

10. The Land Beyond                                                 Hamilton            4:00 

11. True Adventures                                                   Hamilton            7:52


Album Notes:

  • The opening song, "It Ended On An Oily Stage", was originally entitled "Elegiac Stanzas".
  • On some copies of the album, if the CD is rewound 2:31 before the first track, an organ version of the song "How Will I Ever Find My Way Home" is found.



The high rocks, the shining levels...