The Decline Of British Sea Power                                 Rough Trade                                                 2003                                     Open Season                                                                         Rough Trade                                                 2005                                     Do You Like Rock Music?                                               Rough Trade                                                  2008


Remember Me                                                                          Toshiba                                                        2004                         Krankenhaus?                                                                       Rough Trade                                                  2007


Fear Of Drowning                                                             Golden Chariot                                                 2001                            Remember Me                                                                     Rough Trade                                                   2001                                 The Lonely/The Spirit Of St. Louis                              Rough Trade                                                   2002                               Childhood Memories                                                        Rough Trade                                                   2002                              Carrion/Apologies To Insect Life                               Rough Trade                                                    2003                            Remember Me                                                                     Rough Trade                                                    2003                                    A Lovely Day Tomorrow                                                Rough Trade                                                    2004                                    It Ended On An Oily Stage                                              Rough Trade                                                    2005                              Please Stand Up                                                                  Rough Trade                                                    2005                               How Will I Ever Find My Way Home?                       Rough Trade                                                     2005                           Waving Flags                                                                        Rough Trade                                                    2008                                    No Lucifer                                                                             Rough Trade                                                    2008



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