Released: 2nd June 2003            Length: 47:15                                  Label: Rough Trade                       Recorded: 2KHz


Yan: Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Organ                                   Hamilton: Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Piano, Organ, Backing Vocals Noble: Guitar, Piano, Organ, Backing Vocals                      Wood: Drums

D. Sharpe: French Horn               V. Oag: Recorded Sea


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The Decline Of British Sea Power

1. Men Together Today                                               BSP                    0:40

2. Apologies To Insect Life                                        BSP                    2:46

3. Favours In The Beetroot Fields                          BSP                    1:18

4. Something Wicked                                                   BSP                     3:12

5. Remember Me                                                           BSP                     3:10

6. Fear Of Drowning                                                    BSP                     4:26

7. The Lonely                                                                  BSP                     5:13

8. Carrion                                                                         BSP                     4:06

9. Blackout                                                                      BSP                     3:48

10. Lately                                                                        BSP                     13:59

11. A Wooden Horse                                                   BSP                     4:35    


Album Notes:

  • According to The Times (May 17th, 1982), The Decline of British Sea Power was the title given to a book to be published by Janes publishing that year, but publication was delayed. A book with this precise title has yet to be published.
  • The album had a working title of "Landscape & Memory".
  • The song "Blackout" is used in the ending credits of the CBS internet show Clark & Michael.

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